January 10, 2021

Women Empowering Women in the Arts and Business Project

I have a particular interest in women in business and the arts. I guess mainly because I am one and #womenpoweralways . I’ve been putting a project aside because of well,... busy living.. 3 kids, wedidngs. If there’s one thing this quarantine has taught me, there’s time and seize the day. So I’m shifting my focus toward working with women in business and the arts. I want to tell their stories through photos, video and interviews. Not just local but everywhere and anywhere. Maybe I’ll turn it into a publication. Who knows - This is my beautiful friend Katie, a woman, that I love and really bonded with simply by meeting through social media more or less, taking photos and talking about our life and business journeys. Katie owns @heartandsoilherbalskincare. We are due for a new session so I’ll start with her because her story is one that many can relate to on some level.

We usually just see the storefront or the Instagram pages, but there’s usually a why... how, trials and error, jobs that they left to follow their heart and I will ask them to impart some of their business / art wisdom. The point is to uplift one another- and build a community- maybe it will help someone on the verge of taking the leap. Anyway, if have ideas for names, please comment or DM me- was thinking The B 🐝 or The Apiary 🐝 I like to see where things like this can go. If you or someone you know want to bee...a part of the story, let me know.

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Katie of Heart and Soil Herbal Skincare