Capturing the Charm: Best Photography Spots in Bucks County

1. Peddler's Village:

Nestled in the heart of Bucks County, Peddler's Village is a timeless gem. The colonial-style architecture, artisan shops, and beautifully landscaped gardens create a picturesque setting that changes with the seasons.

2. New Hope and Lambertville:

On the banks of the Delaware River, the towns of New Hope (PA) and Lambertville (NJ) offer a canvas of history, art, and river charm.

3. Fonthill Castle:

In the heart of Doylestown, Fonthill Castle stands as a testament to history and architectural brilliance. The castle's unique design and expansive grounds provide a captivating backdrop for your photo session.

4. Old Doylestown Courthouse Lawn:

The Old Doylestown Courthouse lawn is a hidden gem for photographers seeking a blend of history and natural beauty, especially while Cherry blossoms are in bloom.

5. Local Parks:

Bucks County boasts several beautiful parks that provide an array of natural backdrops for your photography. Peace Valley Park, Tyler State Park, and Core Creek Park are just a few examples.

6: Churchville Nature Center:

Scenic trails, woodlands, and the wildlife preserve offer a serene setting for capturing moments surrounded by the great outdoors.

7. Bridges Over the Delaware:

Capture the architectural wonders of the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge and the Lambertville-Stockton Bridge as they span the Delaware River. These bridges not only connect towns but also offer stunning viewpoints for your photography.

8. Pearl S. Buck House:

This historic site, once the home of Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck, offers a unique blend of cultural and natural beauty. Supporting non-profits like the Pearl S. Buck International allows photographers to gain access to this inspiring property through donations.

To secure your session location, please inquire ahead of time to find out if the location requires permits or if the property/location is available that day and remember to donate to nonprofit locations!

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