April 17, 2020

A Sunset Engagement Shoot in Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is for Lovers!

I finally convinced someone to join me on an adventure to Cape May. Earlier this year, I visited Cape May to check out the Ghost Tracks on Higbee Beach.  Anyway, during that trip I walked this amazingly beautiful and peaceful beach. I hoped I would find a couple to venture to mile zero for a shoot. When I asked Lyndsey if she would be interested, she agreed. We met at the lighthouse and they followed me to our destination, making one pit stop at the nature center. After learning that Sebastian is a merchant marine and avid birder, it seemed that this was exactly the couple that was meant for this shoot. I am so glad they found me and glad they agreed to take the trip to Cape May. It was so fun. I can't wait for their wedding in September. Thank you Lyndsey and Sebastian!