Ghost Tracks, Photography, Cape May, NJ

"Do you want to skip school tomorrow?" "Yes." "I hear there's a train track from the early 1900's that has surfaced on the beach in Cape May and I'd like to take a drive over."  " Okay, let's do it."  

Of all the places, I love Cape May the most.  When I hear Cape May,  my heart skips a little from excitement.  It is one of the oldest vacation destinations in the our country, located on the southernmost tip of New Jersey.  It is home to an 11,000 acre wildlife refuge and a Whale Watch and Research Center.  It is rich in history. The streets are lined with colorful victorian homes.  In the back of Della's 5 and 10, you will find an antique pinball machine and a real 1950's soda fountain.  Walk the beaches and you may find an artifact or two..  It is rumored that one passionate collector has found as many as 2000 (some say 5000) arrowheads on the Cape May shoreline. I wonder who she is... 

Just beyond the lighthouse, while standing on Sunset Beach you can see the sunken World War I SS Atlantus, peeking out of the ocean.  But this week, and maybe only this week, you can go to Cape May and visit the uncovered train tracks that appeared after a recent winter storm. The tracks run right beside the ocean on Higbee Beach and are visible at low-tide.  They once served as support for sand mining and munitions testing facilities during World War I.  To see something like this a rarity and a photographers dream.  We will never forget it.  School can wait. 

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Peddler's Village Maternity Photos, Lahaska, Pa

I had a blast meeting Dani and Brian at Peddler's Village for a rainy day maternity shoot.  Dani wanted photos on the carousel at the Giggleberry Fair. After a quick session on the carousel we headed to the new Lahaska Bookshop and then to Jazam's, the greatest toy store that ever was.  The photos are sweet and fun. Congrats to Dani and Brian, I wish you all the best with the new addition.  

Doylestown Maternity Photographer
Doylestown Maternity Photographer
Peddlers Village Maternity Photographer
Peddlers Village Photographer
Doylestown Photographer
Doylestown Photographer
Doylestown Photographer
Doylestown Photographer
Peddlers Village Maternity Shoot

Corey, Kelsie and Nora, Peace Valley Park Family Portraits

Family portraits can be taken in late fall and winter.  Although, I don't recommend shooting in the bitter cold for long periods of time.  Everyone will look a bit red! However, you can create a look of beauty and warmth even during the cold months.  I love the warms tones in these images.  It is hard to tell that it was the coldest day of the season. The Callan crew loved the result.  Thank you Corey, Nora and Kelsey. I am looking forward to Spring and Summer portrait sessions at Peace Valley Park. 


The Callan Family Portraits at Peace Valley Park, Doylestown, Pa 

Citizens Bank Park Engagement Shoot, Philadelphia, Pa

Alrighty. To be frank, this was one of the coolest experiences I have had as a photographer.  I love baseball and have spent many seasons sitting in the stands with my Dad.  When Stephanie mentioned this as her first choice location, I was beyond thrilled and excited for them. I knew that this would be a really special engagement shoot. Her father pulled some strings and we were in.  One rule, No Grass. No problem. 


We met with a guide that led us from the field to the stands, the dugout, the locker room, batting cages and the Phillies Hall of Fame. Standing in an empty stadium that you have only seen packed was pretty surreal.

Ed and Steph will look back at these photos and this day as one of the best, there is no doubt in my mind.  So happy to have been a part of it. Thank you Ed and Steph.  I am so glad to be your photographer. 


Remy and Scott on The Canal in Lambertville, New Jersey

I love engagement shoots.  I used to dread them with every ounce of me. Ha. Sorry but it's true.  It took some time to find the groove and realize that what works best for me and more importantly for the couple, is to take a casual and fun approach to the day.  Stiff posing isn't fun for anyone.  You can really get creative with locations and engagement session ideas. 

Remy and Scott were so excited about their engagement shoot in Lambertville.  We met at the Lambertville Station and walked the canal, shot on the New Hope/ Lambertville Bridge and then headed around town to search for unique alleys and antique stores.  They love antiques.  They love being silly. We had a blast.   I am really looking forward to their wedding day!  :) Thank you Remy and Scott.   


Engagement Session, 200 Stamper Street, Philadelphia

Eric and Leanne went out to breakfast and then met me on the corner of 200 Stamper St. for a short engagement shoot.  Eric wanted to surprise Leanne for her birthday and surprised she was!  We kept things very light and casual while we walked the snow-covered streets of Society Hill in Philadelphia, Pa.  We talked about their lives, how they met, how they were engaged, their wedding plans and Christmas. Before we got in our cars we quickly chatted about our favorite Netflix shows.  Strolling with your photographer is a great way to get to know one another before the big day. I thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you Eric and Leanne!   


Hot Chocolate Stand Christmas Sessions

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