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A little about me... :)


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Taylor Cotilla.  I live in Doylestown, Pa with my husband, my daughter and our cat, Shadow.

My daughter is the light of my life.  She has a little freckly face, dark twinkly eyes and long, thick lashes.  Getting Josey into a dress is like trying to put a stray cat in a bubble bath.  She calls herself a tomboy, her favorite color is dirt and she loves to leave the boys in her dust... maybe just for now. ;)

She is turning ten this year which also marks the year that I put my heart into photography.  I began to capture everything that time would allow.  It is hard to believe that the tiny toes that once wiggled their way out of every pair of socks are now filling black and white, size 3 Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers.  I can still see her twirling in front of the mirror in over-sized ruby slippers and a tutu, thanking her reflection for the all the sweet compliments.   " Why thank you! My hair does look shiny today."  

I think that many photographers are inherently sentimental.  We spend half of our lives anticipating the next moment and the other half carefully preserving the past.  It is a balance of nostalgia and optimism.  I was very optimistic when I insisted on keeping every pair of shoes that Josey has ever worn.  Maybe I thought she'd fit into them again, maybe it's the sentimentalist in me. Wink.  Whatever it is, I can now liken my experience as a photographer to this growing collection.  With every step, I've been trailing behind with my camera capturing her movement, her growth, her stumbles, her belly laughs, and tears, the first time she put her feet in the sand, or jumped off the diving board, silly dances and lightning fast dashes around our yard.  As the years go by, there will be more shoes and more stories and I will be there, right beside with my camera, as long as she lets me. Sigh... 

I learned some things in Film Production 101 and 102 but the real teacher for me is life.  I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to meet new people and to tell their stories.  It is nothing short of an honor when someone trusts you to take a look into their life, to meet their loved ones and to capture the personal and poignant moments happening around them.  It really means the world to me.  

August 2016 marks three years in business.  Woohoo! I am really looking forward to the 2017  season!